Why Choose an Online Auction

When looking for heavy equipment, trucks, or farm machinery, most buyers start looking where they have gone for years--the dealership. But as technology advances, it affects how we do business on many levels, including how we shop. With improvements in online banking and transaction security, buyers can more confidently purchase equipment and machinery without ever having to step foot in a dealer's yard.

But many buyers aren't just shopping online by looking at dealer's listings. The fastest growing method of purchasing equipment online is through online auctions, and for good reason. Online auction companies can offer buyers a wider selection of equipment from multiple manufacturers with an extended selection of equipment types when compared to the limited options they might find at a dealership or through a broker. Plus, buyers aren't limited to purchasing equipment in their own geographic location. They can bid on tractors from Iowa and trucks from South Carolina, all in the same day.

So if buyers are thinking outside the dealership, so should sellers. With Auctionblock, you can take advantage of changing technology and an expanded buyer pool while still working with a family-owned company you can trust. Consider these reasons to sell your equipment with an online auction at Auctionblock.

Global Presence, Local Representation

In the same way buyers are able to find equipment from across the United States with an online auction to fit their needs, sellers who list their equipment on Auctionblock automatically gain access to bidders worldwide. Auctionblock's list of active, international bidders is assurance that your equipment always sells for true market value. Instead of a local gathering of regional bidders, Auctionblock markets your equipment globally to hundreds of qualified buyers who are willing to pay what your equipment is worth.

But selling globally doesn't mean you have to give up local representation. You'll still deal with a local Auctionblock representative who services your area. Your rep will visit your location, inspect your equipment, and offer honest, straightforward advice. We don't inflate the value of your equipment just to gain your business. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with you by providing outstanding service by marketing your equipment to the largest global audience possible. Then, your equipment can be sold directly from your location or ours, saving you substantially on transport.

Worry-Free Collection

Some sellers might worry that selling their equipment online may jeopardize payment, since online bidders come from across the globe. While selling machinery and equipment online means a far wider pool of bidders, which leads to higher prices, it also means that those who ultimately purchase aren't locals that your auction company knows personally.

But those who sell with Auctionblock don't have to worry about getting scammed or fraudulent payments. Each bidder is verified by us before being approved to bid, and no equipment is released until payment is verified and cleared. Our secure payment collection system is managed by Auctionblock, so your payments are verified by people you trust.

In fact, integrity is what has allowed Auctionblock to operate with success for many years. Our team's honest approach is what sets us apart from many other auction companies. We don't allow the unethical practice of "house bidding" to drive up prices. Instead, we rely on our proven practices of working with verified bidders to ensure you get fair, market value for your equipment.

Experienced, Established Auctioneers

Auctionblock is on the cutting edge of technology, and we've learned how to capture the widest audience of bidders to sell your farm machinery, heavy equipment, and trucks. We know how traditional auctions work, since we've been working in the industry for more than 30 years.

For more information on achieving a global audience of verified bidders for your equipment, contact us today. We'll connect you with a local representative who services your area to meet with you.

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